Matthew Hogan

Matthew Hogan


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Matthew had a passion for real estate at the young age of 10 years old. He discovered this passion while his grandparents would keep him over the summer and would move every couple of years. Their realtor would always say “Matthew needs to be in this business, don’t stop him if this is the path he wants to take. He will excel.” Matthew never forgot this.

Fast forward to his senior year of high school. Matthew took his Oklahoma Real Estate test the week after his 18th birthday, becoming the youngest Realtor in Oklahoma. From there Matthew went on to sell his first 3 homes before graduating high school, then to become one of the top producers in his last office.

Matthew has a passion for people, honesty, and fun! He has a vast love for many things: Fashion, Interior Design, Cars, Travel, and People! Matthew lives in Norman just a few houses down from his parents with his dog Timber!