Buyers Tips

Buying a Home

When you’re ready to buy a home, get started with these tips:

Hire a professional when buying a home.

Choose a REALTOR® with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the buying process. What credentials does the REALTOR® have? Is the Real Estate professional knowledgeable about the area you want to live in? A licensed Real Estate professional can help every step of the way, from looking at houses, making offers, inspections, and all the way to closing. ARIA REALTORS® can help you find the home of your dreams!

Check your credit score.

A credit score is a number calculated from a formula created by Fair Isaac based on the information in your credit report. You have three different credit scores, one for each of your credit reports. Go to and request free credit reports from all three credit reporting bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. For a small fee, you can also get your credit score. Check the reports thoroughly for any errors that need correcting, and any negative information. Errors are common. If you find any, contact the agencies directly to correct them, which can take two or three months to resolve. If the report is accurate but shows past problems, be prepared to explain them to a loan officer. These reports should also indicate what you can do to improve your credit. A higher credit score makes it easier to qualify for the lowest interest rates, which in turn makes your purchase more affordable. Also, monitor your savings so that you have the funds for earnest money, a down payment, and closing costs. You will definitely need cash reserves to buy a home.

Make a list of wants and needs.

Decide what you’re looking for in a home, including both interior and exterior features. What qualities are you looking for in a neighborhood? Figure out what you can’t live without. ARIA’s REALTORS® can help you with this if you’re not sure. We can introduce you to new communities and neighborhoods throughout central Oklahoma, provide information on schools, shopping centers, restaurants, recreational facilities, and much more.

Get pre-approved before looking for a home.

Getting pre-approved for a home loan will let you know exactly what you can afford based on your income, debt, and credit history. A lender’s pre-approval saves you time and a lot of hassle. Also heartache. Don’t fall in love with a home you later find out you can’t afford. Know your limits. Don’t have a lender? Do not worry! ARIA Real Estate Group works closely with several lenders and we are more than happy to give you some referrals to get the process started.

View virtual tours.

Many homes for sale have virtual video tours available online. Virtual tours can help you figure out your list of must-haves and deal breakers, and also narrow down the list of homes that you want to view in person. ARIA REALTORS® also have the capability of setting up an automated email, based on your preferences, that will come to you each day so that you always have access to all the newest and hottest listings in your search!

Patience is key.

While it’s possible to find your dream home the first time you look, realize that it may not happen that way. However, your REALTOR® has access to information about exclusive homes, and homes about to be put on the market. When you work closely with ARIA Real Estate Group, we can pre-screen homes that you see advertised and save you endless hours of work. Remember… Patience is key when purchasing a home. This is a major life event. Do not rush it!